Ampersand Wedding Photo Prop & Gallery Wall Decor // Bronze

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Large Resin Ampersand Sign

The ampersand is a visual representation of the word “and.” The ampersand is commonly used to link two names together, making it popular in wedding decor and photo booth props. Because of the power of the & sign to link names together, it is also a popular piece of wall decor to include in a gallery wall display amidst family photos and wedding photos.

This beautiful resin ampersand sign has been hand painted bronze, and goes with many styles of decor. It makes a great anniversary, wedding, housewarming, bridal shower, or birthday gift. Great to display on a fireplace mantle, gallery wall, entry way, newlywed couple's home, or office.

We love this symbol and even used it in our own logo and have one displayed in our entryway!

• 12.75" tall
• 12.75" wide