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Near and Deer

Faux Dragon Skull Mount // White

Faux Dragon Skull Mount // White

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  • 12" tall
  • 9" wide
  • 13" deep

  • 7lbs

Our dragon skull is for the truly die-hard dragon fans out there. Maybe your dragon skull is a trophy from your dragon hunting days, or maybe it is a mystical portal into another dimension. Whatever your legendary origin story, your dragon skull will look amazing as an everyday statement piece hanging on the wall of your secret chamber, bedroom or living space. Be inspired and reap all of the creative benefits our dragon skull has to offer by hanging Near and Deer's dragon skull in your office or workspace. Or be magically transported as you unwind with our dragon skull in your game room, mancave or she-shed.

Our dragon head is handcrafted out of resin in exquisite detail, so you can rest assured that no dragons were harmed in the making of our dragon head, although you can tell your friends otherwise, because they won't be able to tell the difference with all of its realistic features. Near and Deer's dragon skull features the sharp, spiky teeth of a carnivore and spikes running up its face. A horn on its nose and two horns on the top of its head complete the terrifyingly fearsome look of our faux dragon. Everything about it, from its bony frills to its foreboding eye sockets is mystical, fantastical and as realistic as a dragon skull can be.

Our faux dragon skull is also fully customizable, so email us today with your special design request and our artists at Near and Deer will get to work making your customized dragon skull look awesome. Imagine your dragon skull in all black, or for a statement, choose gold, or red - it's up to you. As a reminder, this piece is quite heavy and substantial. For safety we recommend securing it to the wall with a properly anchored screw using the keyhole opening on the back. Leave your fellow dragon hunters dying with envy when you display your new dragon skull!

  • This piece is fairly lightweight and very easy to hang.
  • Hang the dragon skull on a strong screw. If your wall is thin, we also recommend using a drywall anchor.

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