SET OF 3 Mini Animal Heads in Lavender // Choose Animals

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This listing is for the 3 of the six pictured small faux taxidermy animals: lavender miniature zebra, lavender bear, lavender elephant, lavender lion, lavender wolf and lavender tiger.

These miniature animals can be displayed in a horizontal line, vertically, as part of a larger gallery wall, or individually throughout your home.

Individually, each piece sells for $29.99, so we have bundled these for a discounted price.


**Each piece is custom made to order, so please allow 2-4 business days for production. If you need the item sooner, message us and we will try our best to accommodate your needs.

ELEPHANT Measurements: • 9" tall • 9.25" wide • 4" deep

ZEBRA Measurements: • 9" tall • 5.5" wide • 4" deep

BEAR Measurements: • 9.5" tall • 7.75" wide • 4" deep

Wolf Measurements: • 9"tall • 7.5"wide • 3.75"deep

Tiger Measurements • 8.25" tall • 7" wide • 3.75" deep

Lion Measurements • 9.25" tall • 8" wide • 3.75" deep



• There is a keyhole on the back of each animal. They are light and can be hung with a small nail or screw.