Patina Antler Mounts - Set of 3 // Copper and Green Patina

Patina Antler Mounts - Set of 3 // Copper and Green Patina

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Faux Taxidermy Copper and Green Patina Skull Caps- Farmhouse Home Decor

These extremely unique skull caps are painted copper and patinated in geen! Perfect for rustic farmhouse decor!  These skull caps will captivate you in their brilliantly hand painted patina finish and are a great piece of modern wall art. The copper/patina color combination is growing rapidly in popularity and leaves each individual item with a unique finish. These skull caps will captivate your guest and show off your trendy home decor style.

These faux antler can be displayed in a horizontal line, vertically, as part of a larger gallery wall, or individually throughout your home.

Antler mount measurements:
• 9" tall
• 5"" wide
• 5" deep

* All three antler mount measurements are very similar. If exact measurements are needed for any one of the three mounts let us know and we will be glad to give them to you.



• There is a keyhole on the back of each animal. They are light and can be hung with a small nail or screw.