The Lonestar - Texas Flag Longhorn Steer Skull Wall Mount

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Everything's bigger in Texas! I visited Texas and noticed that the people there are full of so much state-pride. Even if you weren't born and raised in Texas, one visit there and you're hooked on Texas culture. What better way to show off your Texas pride than with a Texas flag Texas long horn?

This Texas long horn has been hand painted to resemble the Texas flag. The head of the steer is navy blue with a white star. The left horn is white and the right horn is red.

**Each piece is custom made to order, so please allow 2 weeks for production.

- 18.5" tall
- 27.5" wide
- 6.5" deep

- 6 lbs


- Use a strong nail or screw
- The horns are removable to save space in shipping and storage
- Glue the horns in place before hanging to insure that they will not fall and break