Autumn Decorating: 5 Simple Tips to Fall For!

Autumn Decorating: 5 Simple Tips to Fall For!

Can you believe that fall is just around the corner?! It is the season for creating cozy and warm spaces in preparation for the colder days ahead. When it comes to decorating these spaces, it can be fun to create a place that reflects your personality with a seasonal accent; yet it can be a little overwhelming. With so many choices and ideas floating around, it can be hard to figure out just how to create that picture-perfect cozy vibe. So today, we are going to share with you five simple tips to help you create a homey, warm look that you can incorporate with your décor for this festive fall season! 

Consider Fall Colors

One of the first things to think about when including seasonal touches to your home is adding fall colors.  Colors, ranging from emerald greens to russet oranges, bring to mind the beautiful autumn leaves during this season and can be easily added to any space. For example, switching up every day throw pillows with autumnal toned pillows can help create a relaxed setting. Other options to consider are switching out lamp shades with fall tone shades or mixing accent pieces with autumn-colored pieces. Simply choosing to incorporate fall colors can make a difference!  

Choose Plaid Decorations

Having plaid decorations is another great way to bring a fall look into your space. Some options to consider when incorporating plaid with your décor is by using plaid blankets, throw pillows, napkins, tablecloths, and even bedding. When choosing tones for autumn, consider yellows, greens, browns, reds, and/or neutral colors; these will also help to add fall colors to your home, as mentioned earlier. We love this red and black buffalo plaid moose from our Near and Deer collection!

Incorporate Dried Florals 

When thinking about autumn, dried foliage, flowers, and small branches often come to mind. They bring a sense of nostalgia and wonder to any space! There are several ways in which to incorporate these items within your home. A popular choice is adding them to fall colored vases for accent pieces. You can also place them on or near wall art, such as Near and Deer's moose head wall mounts, to bring out a festive theme! 

Select Fall-Themed Centerpieces

Having a fall-themed centerpiece adds a sense of warmth and cheerfulness to your dining room. They make for an easy and creative idea to celebrate the fall season! A great way to create a centerpiece for your table is to add natural elements, such as pinecones, leaves, and even pumpkins. By placing these pieces in a bowl or basket and adding a candle to light during dinners, you can create a cozy and chic centerpiece for your home! 

Integrate Autumn Wreaths or Frames

Fall wreaths have become increasingly popular over the years. From placing them on front doors to even adding them indoors on deer antler wall mounts, autumn wreaths can be very versatile! Another fun idea to have your family and friends included is to custom make your own autumn wreath. By buying a wreath or frame base at any local craft store, you can create a beautiful and unique piece. All you need is glue or wire and the foliage of your choice to attach to the wreath base! A wreath is a simple feature that brings a warm, cozy vibe to any home!

Choose Chic Wall Ornaments From A Company That Cares!

When it comes to decorating your home for fall, you want products that reflect your personality and style. At Near and Deer, we create faux taxidermy pieces that celebrate animals and the outdoors. From deer mounts to dinosaur mounts, we have wall décor that will match your style and set you apart from the rest! For more information on our products or to learn more about our custom-designed products, contact us!  Let our products season your home with style!

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