Baby Nursery Design Tips

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When designing a baby nursery, you want the space to be personal, calm, and inviting. Let's face it, having a child is often chaotic - from the midnight hangry-crying sessions to their hatred of going to bed on time (they don't know what they're missing out on!). Your baby's nursery or child's room needs to balance out the chaos. Here are a few design tips for a one of a kind nursery:

1. Choose a calm wall color.

White, gray, light pink, light blue, seafoam green, and lavender are great options. If you plan on adding seasonal decor to your kid's room, stick with neutrals (for example, a Christmas tree or Halloween pumpkin might not look the best in a pink room).

White and gray are the most versatile because they are gender neutral and do not need to be repainted when you shuffle the kiddos around when baby #2 is on the way. These colors also go with any style of decor. Our personal favorite is Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter - it is a beigey gray that matches everything.

Avoid yellow walls. Studies show that yellow walls may agitate babies. Not worth the risk!

Faux taxidermy baby nursery decor

Faux taxidermy baby nursery decor

2. Add personal touches.

If you are doing a themed nursery, such as "safari" or "woodland animals", avoid purchasing an entire collection from the same store. While everything will match perfectly, it will not be very unique. Incorporate a few unexpected pieces, such as faux taxidermy animal heads, 3D wall art, family photos, portraits of your family pet, or large stuffed animals.

A gallery wall is a fun way to incorporate a bunch of your ideas into one space. This is particularly great for a toddler's room or older child's room, as they have developed their personalities and can help choose decor elements. Only make a gallery wall on one wall in the room and keep the other walls pretty plan, or else your space can look cluttered.

Faux taxidermy baby nursery decor

Faux taxidermy baby nursery decor

Faux taxidermy baby nursery decor

3. Seating is a must.

Your child's room should be a place that you don't mind spending hours in, whether it be feeding, reading, or playing. If you have a comfy place to sit, it will make you happier and the experience sweeter. A recliner or storage bench (which doubles as an organizer and a place for dad to sit too) is a must.

Faux taxidermy baby nursery decor

We hope these nursery decor tips help make your baby nursery or kid's room a place that you are excited to spend time in. And a place that they want to sleep in.

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