Dorm Room Decor

Dorm Room Decor

Can you believe summer is over and it's back to school time already? Summer seems like it just started, but here we are moving back to campus, getting our kids on the bus in the morning, and sitting in longer traffic jams on our way to work. While you may be bummed out about getting back into a new routine, you can also look at this as a new beginning... and a time to spruce up your decor.

When I was in college, everyone seemed to have the same decor, usually from Target and Ikea. It seemed like the only thing that made my dorm room different from the girl next door's was the color of my bath towels. I was fortunate enough to have a dorm room that allowed me to hang items on the wall as long as I spackled the holes when I was finished, but at the time my idea of creativity was the giant photo collage and Sex and the City poster. If faux taxidermy wall decor was around when I was in college, I would have scooped up on a T-Rex head to hang above my desk. At least then I would have had some company when I was up until the wee hours of the morning writing my term papers!

If you or your college-aged kid are able to put holes in the walls, consider picking up a faux taxidermy T-Rex head, unicorn head, deer head, or cow skull to hang above the desk. It will spark creativity and differentiate your decor from the rest of the campus. Check out the before and after images we mocked-up... the first one is ok if you're content with the typical college dorm decor. The second option may subliminally make you want to sit at your desk and do your homework. The faux taxidermy in the third option inspires creativity - you may want to sign up for that art class next semester after all!

Add faux taxidermy by Near and Deer to your dorm room or apartment to create a space that inspires creativity.

If your school has an animal mascot that is similar to one of the styles we have, we can even customize the colors to match your school mascot's colors. The possibilities are endless!

Take advantage of Near and Deer's dorm decor sale and save 20% on everything you need to make your dorm, apartment, or even the same house you've lived in for years fresh and unique. Use code STUDY20 at checkout for the discount to be applied now through August 27, 2017.


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