Olivia's Room

Olivia's Room

Victory Ralston is an amazing interior designer. She designed her client's little girl's room to be a quirky, whimsical, and imaginative space. She included fun lighting fixtures, lush bedding, and one of our faux taxidermy deer heads, which she named "Nygel." We love how the room turned out. Check out the photos below and head over to Victory Ralston's blog to see details of the entire space.

Faux taxidermy deer heads are an unexpected element of home decor that add dimension to a room. They can be incorporated into a baby nursery, little kid's room, or your own favorite space in the house. Near and Deer's faux taxidermy animal heads are 100% cruelty-free and animal friendly. With hundreds of animal head and color combinations, you'll surely find the piece that fits best in with your style.

P.S. We do not recommend hanging faux taxidermy deer head wall mounts above a bed or baby crib. While they certainly look great, we're always scared they may fall and hurt someone! No matter where you choose to hang your fake animal head, be sure to glue the antlers in for added security.

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