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Near and Deer

Faux Carved Cow Skull // White

Faux Carved Cow Skull // White

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  • 19" tall
  • 16" wide
  • 7" deep

  • 5lbs

Rope 'em up! Near and Deer's carved faux cow skull will have you swinging your lasso and puttin' on your boots. Invite the charm of the Southwest and the great cattle ranches into your home with our carved faux taxidermy cow skull. Whether in your ranch house, barn, or outhouse, Near and Deer's carved faux cow skull will bring some serious Old West vibes to your space.

Our carved cow skull makes an amazing statement piece and is an alluring design element in a variety of spaces while paying homage to one of the great animals of the West. You might picture adding this faux skull to a cowboy or Southwest themed decorated home or any space such as a shop, guest house, or office space. But our carved cow skull would also look stunning in a boho space or as a component of a modern farmhouse aesthetic. (What farmhouse wouldn't have a cow or two?)

Made of resin and cruelty free, no cows were harmed in the making of this cow skull, yet the details are realistic and life-like, or, shall we say, skull-like. The ornate carving details go all of the way through the layer of resin, so our faux carved cow skull is hollow inside. For security while shipping the horns will arrive unattached, so we do recommend gluing the horns securely into the main faux skull piece before hanging it on the wall with the keyhole on the back for safety. If you would like, leave the fake cow skull in a natural color palette, or you can customize this piece in any color you would like. Just request the color you need and our resident artists at Near and Deer will get to work hand painting your carved cow skull to fit your space and taste. It's that easy.

  • This piece is fairly lightweight and very easy to hang.
  • The cow skull comes in three pieces - the horns are removable to save space in shipping and storage.
  • We highly recommend that you glue the horns into the head before hanging the piece, especially if you'll be hanging it in a high traffic area or above your bed or crib.
  • Hang the cow skull on a strong screw. If your wall is thin, we also recommend using a drywall anchor.

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