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Near and Deer

Faux Tabletop Antler Set // Gold

Faux Tabletop Antler Set // Gold

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  • 8.75" tall
  • 6.5" wide

  • <1lbs

How much did the deer pay for its antlers? Two for a buck!

Joking aside, did you know that bucks shed their antlers every spring, and our faux deer are no different? Here we have a beautiful pair of deer antler shed that look like the real thing! You may think that collecting naturally shed antlers is already cruelty-free, but did you know that in some places there are times of the year that it is considered unethical to collect deer shed, and in some places it's illegal? Having people in their environment gathering shed deer antlers can stress the deer out right at the time of year that they are most vulnerable.

Rest easy knowing that your tabletop antler decorations from Near and Deer are always animal friendly and cruelty-free at any time of the year. You can choose to leave your realistic looking tabletop antlers in a natural color scheme, or we can paint them any color that you need for your decor or event. Many of our happy customers have already used them as decor for holidays, weddings, and events in a variety of colors. They look great among greenery or with other natural elements, but they also can carry the decor on their own. Imagine our tabletop faux deer antlers on a coffee table or mantle at the holidays with candles or a wreath, bringing that extra bit of charm to a festive gathering. Picture entering the reception for your wedding and seeing our faux tabletop antlers bringing all of the magic of the woodlands as centerpieces and accents.

Contact us today with any color or design you need and our artists at Near and Deer will hand-paint each piece to your specifications. Our tabletop faux deer antlers are the perfect way to fill a tabletop or other flat surface while showing off your love and respect for the outdoors.

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