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Near and Deer

Faux Small Elephant Wall Mount // Silver

Faux Small Elephant Wall Mount // Silver

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10" tall
10" wide
4" deep


What has a trunk, big ears, and is small all over? Near and Deer’s mini elephant, of course! We don’t mean to toot our own trunks, but we think our mini fake elephant head is pretty darn adorable. In fact, our mini faux elephant head is the ideal combination of cute and unique for any of your smaller spaces that need that extra “something.” With its playful upturned trunk and friendly face, it is a particularly popular choice for modern safari and jungle themed baby nurseries. Made of resin, our mini elephant is animal friendly and 100% cruelty-free, so you can show your love of elephants with our mini faux elephant head without harming any actual elephants in the process. Its smaller size also makes it the perfect pint-sized addition to a bathroom, hallway, entry way, foyer, or even a kitchen or smaller dining area.

When you see this fellow in your own home you will be amazed at the attention to detail. From the rippling ears to the kind eyes, from the wrinkled trunk to the playful tusks, our mini elephant is a faithful replica of the real thing. And the best part is that our mini elephant head is lightweight, so when you will have no trouble hanging it on your wall with the convenient keyhole on the back. Now let’s talk color, baby – our mini elephant is fully customizable, so you can order it in any color that you need for your space and décor scheme. Whether it’s a popping white, elegant gold, or any color of the rainbow that you can imagine, our artists at Near and Deer are on standby ready to create the mini faux elephant head of your dreams. Get this elephant in your room and watch it “ele”vate the style of your space.


  • This piece is lightweight and easy to hang.
  • Hang the mini elephant head on a strong screw. If your wall is thin, we also recommend using a drywall anchor.


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