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Faux Antelope Head Wall Mount // White and Bronze

Faux Antelope Head Wall Mount // White and Bronze

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  • 23" tall including the horns
  • 11" wide
  • 9" deep

  • 6 lbs

We're pretty crazy about all of our heads here at Near and Deer, and our antelope is no exception. I mean, look at those horns! Made out of resin, our antelope head is cruelty-free and a great way to display your love of wildlife without harming any real antelope. The horns on this piece are the real stars, curving up from the faux antelope head with a slight twist, a nod to the fact that unlike deer, an antelope's horns continue to grow throughout their lifetimes. (Don't tell our deer - we still think they're pretty cool, too.) We do ship the horns unattached to assure that they reach you safely and securely, so we recommend attaching the horns with glue for a tight fit once your faux antelope head arrives.

Our antelope head is fully customizable in any color or color combination that you desire to match your decor, whether it is white or black with gold horns, all black, all white, all gold or green, we will hand paint your antelope to your specifications. In any color, we think he looks quite dignified with the amazing attention to detail on our fake antelope head. With ridged horns, adorable rounded ears, and peaceful eyes, this tribute to the African antelope will add the soothing calm of the majestic beauty of nature to your space. Any antelope or gazelle lover would be proud to hang this faux taxidermy in their space to honor this animal's stunning speed, stately horns, and swift grace and power.

As one of the more peaceful members of the savannah, our antelope head makes a splendid addition to an African safari themed baby nursery. Add to the warmth and calm of your space with our faux antelope head, which features a keyhole on the back for hanging. We do recommend using anchored screw to hand it securely on the wall. Make like an antelope and swiftly add this beauty to your home.

  • This piece is fairly lightweight and very easy to hang.
  • The antelope head comes in three pieces - the horns are removable to save space in shipping and storage.
  • We highly recommend that you glue the horns into the head before hanging the piece, especially if you'll be hanging it in a high traffic area or above your bed or crib.
  • Hang the antelope head on a strong screw. If your wall is thin, we also recommend using a drywall anchor.

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