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Near and Deer

Faux Dragon Head // Black and Silver

Faux Dragon Head // Black and Silver

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  • 16" tall
  • 11" wide
  • 13" deep

  • 7lbs

Calling all dungeon masters, wizards, and magical beings! Do you need a mythical dragon for your dungeon? Are you looking to add a leviathan to your lair? If you are forging your own legendary or medieval castle, game room, office, bathroom, or house of dragons, look no further than Near and Deer's dragon head as the perfect addition to oversee your feats of fable and acts of adventure.

Featuring a piercing tongue and spiked teeth, you might expect fire to come out of its mouth at any moment! With a horn on its nose and two horns on its head, our dragon head is sure to impress you as well as your fellow dragon-loving guests, or it just might keep out unwanted marauding invaders. Our detailed faux dragon head will have you breathing fire over its ornate frills and textured horns. Its intense, terrifying gaze is every fantasy lover's dream come true.

The best part about our dragon head is that it is fully customizable, and we love ourselves a customized concept dragon piece over here at Near and Deer! Maybe you'd like a black dragon with red eyes, a gold dragon with green eyes, or a purple dragon with pink eyes and a red tongue. If you can dream it, we can paint it. Get in touch today and let our artists at Near and Deer get to work bringing the magical dragon of your dreams to life.

And as always, our faux dragon head is made out of durable resin, so no real dragons were harmed to make this head. The well-being of dragons is very important to us. This is a sizable piece, so for safety we do recommend hanging it on the wall with a properly anchored screw using the keyhole on the back. Order our faux dragon head today and let our dragon head work its magic on your space.

  • This piece is fairly lightweight and very easy to hang.
  • Hang the dragon head on a strong screw. If your wall is thin, we also recommend using a drywall anchor.

  • For orders in the US, we ship USPS, UPS, or FedEx. Please let us know if your address requires a specific delivery method.
  • International orders are shipped via USPS or FedEx. Your country may charge you import fees of VAT taxes that are not included in the shipping price. We recommend that you look to see if you are subject to any additional fees prior to purchasing this item, as we are not responsible for paying any additional fees.

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